North Haven Artist’s Studio

A 650 square foot painting studio on an inlet in Maine’s North Haven island

The client wanted a modern painting studio inspired by a New England vernacular. To achieve this we proposed a structure composed of two of the most-common rooflines in this area: the shed and the gable. We optimized the design around dimensional constraints from window manufacturers and Croft’s carbon-sequesting building panels.

From left:
  • Storage
  • Sky-lit painting studio
  • Ocean-facing porch

A pair of off-the-shelf operable skylights wash the space in light and allow fumes to vent

Between the joists, the ceiling is cut back at the skylights to bring light further into the space

A Southeastern-facing window provides a spot for the artist’s plants

The pier foundation raises the structure above projected sea level rise estimates while enhancing the view

The shed roof (left) is supported by the gable roof (right) and enlivens the modest space

The Southwestern glazing - made up of windows & sliding doors - celebrate the view to the Ocean while creating the opportunity for cross breezes






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