Designing cozy spaces for living simply.

We see sustainability, affordability, & community as paths to greater abundance: a connection with nature, new communal opportunities, & better spaces for all.

We design for all families: multi-generational, “chosen,” and yours.

The Green House in Boston combines three houses into one residence, with vibrant communal spaces, an in-home business, and a “grandmother flat,” while saving money and energy. ︎︎︎

We believe in the power of pooled resources.

In Mix & Match Housing, six dwellings share one extravagant kitchen. By pooling their resources, they pay less rent, get better facilities, and form closer relationships with their neighbors. ︎︎︎

We help independent entrepreneurs grow their business.

At The Shelby, our design concept of a coffee shop “front” that disguised the bar beyond, helped the client convert a small lobby into a revenue generator (while also telling a fun story, and serving great coffee!). ︎︎︎