Where to begin? Well, here’s good.

You’re either here because you need a house, or because your house needs love. Either way, we can help. Click into the links above for some resources to get you started

If you know what type of house you need click the relevant link above. If you’re not sure, read on...

Cohousing & Coliving

For people who long to live in community with others, with the potential to share spaces, resources, chores, and/or meals. There are as many models for this as there are types of families!

Custom Homes

For those interested in a house that fits like a well-tailored garment. (We’re best-suited to work on contemporary, environmentally responsible, modestly-sized houses.)

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

For those who want to house a friend or relative, or create rental income. An ADU adds another, smaller unit to your home or property.

Renovations & Additions

When you love the house, but something about it isn’t working. This could be: you need more space, the layout doesn’t flow, your physical condition has changed, etc.