Model Homes

A test bed for house ideas

Model Homes is an ongoing project to test hunches and dreams. It’s a love letter to houses and the process of designing them.

Many of these tests start with a geometric motif or a spatial diagram, and all of them adhere to a grid of some sort. (The grids are practical from a constructibility perspective,
but they’re also a shoutout to some of our favorite artists: Agnes Martin, Sol Lewitt, etc.)

When working on them we jump between plan, section, and model. We often work on several at a time, and we’ve found the multiplicity of options within a house and across houses simultaneously to be freeing. Its helped us to shed preciousness and embrace the aspects of architecture we love: embedding the concept into the core of the architecture (structure, organization, light) and imagining new modes of living.

Pill House ︎︎︎

We love when the simplicity of a gable meets a plan curve. The placement of the core zones the house into living & sleeping. It’s everything you need in less than 650 square feet! #LivingOnACurve

Triangle House ︎︎︎

This house packs a lot into its tiny footprint. Nestle into one of the nooks around the perimeter of the kitchen or sneak off to one of the private spaces beyond. #PrismForLiving

Grid House ︎︎︎

What happens when you combine cohousing & grids? This house can be used as two standalone homes that share a wall, or as one large, luxurious space for cohabitation. Borrow sugar through the “window” in the kitchen. Dine like Thanksgiving any night of the year. Get that good, good laundry smell every day. Sneak off to your own private living space, or throw a rager in the dining / living area. #NotForSquares

Telescoping House ︎︎︎

Gables on gables on gables, each one housing a different type of space. A house for four+ friends who want to cohabitate and co-locate their businesses. The beds & baths are bracketed by a large living area and a divisible business-from-home space. Launch your plant shop. Run your accounting firm. Curate your vintage shop. The possibilities are endless! #BusinessInTheFront

Tube House ︎︎︎

We always say that the only thing better than skylights is tall skylights. Designed for the needs of a multi-generational family, this house is made up of a series of alternating living & sleeping spaces. Whether it’s the den, patio, reading nook, home office, TV room, or eat-in kitchen, each person can choose the space that suits their mood. #LetTheLightShineIn

Pier House ︎︎︎

Formed from six “service” piers, this two-family co-house uses half-levels to create privacy between the living and private zones. The central living / kitchen / laundry area is the social hub. Moving out from there are each family’s bedrooms and private spaces (shown here as a nursery and a home office). #MeetMeInTheMiddle

Zig Zag House ︎︎︎

In this house for four+ friends, we wanted to test what would happen if we combined two of our favorite things: a sawtooth plan and a gable section. The result is a large central living / kitchen / laundry area, bracketed by private living areas that can be contiguous or not, based on user preference. The bedrooms bookend the building and have access to a shared patio through their private entries. #DiamondsAreForever








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