We like sharing.

We have extensive experience designing for multi-generational families, co-ops, intentional communities, and the like. (We’ve also done research, lectured, and taught on these topics!)
Tracking the growth of the average American Home against growing storage & credit, and shrinking families, yards & savings. From Store House, our research project on sharing in the suburbs. ︎︎︎

We’re environmental nerds.

We have experience designing to LEED, NetZero, & Energy Smart standards (including Passive-style Houses). Currently, we’re excited about the possibilities of straw as a carbon-sequestering building insulation.
The Straw House, a tiny house made using Croft’s pre-fabricated, carbon-sequestering, compressed-straw building panels. ︎︎︎

We’re allergic to jargon.

We’ll talk to you like that teacher you loved who made complex things sound simple. We spell out acronyms and we’ll never call a window an “aperture.”
Early sketches for a tiny house project in Maine. ︎︎︎

We have an “off-the-shelf” mentality.

Sometimes a large, custom thing is worth it! But sometimes, a slight adjustment that allows for the use of a standard product saves money without sacrificing quality.This value-conscious ethos permeates our decision making.
At the House with a Curved Stair, we reused a large window the owner found on site to open up a new view to the lake. ︎︎︎